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Help us define mental health social research priorities

As I mentioned in a previous post, the new Centre for Mental Health Social Research is a collaborative centre bringing together researchers at the University of York undertaking social science research into mental health and well-being. Based in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, the Centre’s research focuses on social perspectives in mental health through the life course from childhood to old age.

The Centre meets a need for research into the social, economic and cultural factors which help to enhance mental well-being and support recovery from mental distress. This includes deepening our understanding of the social circumstances that promote resilience and mental well-being; developing and evaluating social interventions; and applying social science methods to questions about the interplay between mental health and social inequalities of multiple types.

We are currently deciding our research priorities for the next three years and we would like your assistance in defining the most important mental health social research questions which need answering. Please share with us your thoughts by completing this simple online form. When you have completed it, please press the submit button and it will be sent to us anonymously.

More information about the Centre for Mental Health Social Research can be found here. If you would like to join our mailing list to receive updates and further information about our work, please contact the Centre Administrator Tracey Hawkes: tracey.hawkes@york.ac.uk.

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Help us define mental health social research priorities

  1. Dawn Talbot says:

    I would like the rhetoric around welfare and disability affects people with a mental health problems. I am very interested in your work.

  2. Dawn Talbot says:

    In addition as a Service User that the impact of housing the environment impact on mental health. The new research body should help provide a evidence base for new policies and have more service user researchers. How Mental Health is Socially Constructed and reported from a Social Theory perspective, around the changes in the economy.

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