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Untapped potential of mental health social work

In the last two weeks I have spoken at the BASW England Conference and Community Care Live about the untapped potential of mental health social work.

I have argued that we need to articulate and evaluate core social work practice in order to more clearly define our role within multi-disciplinary mental health services.

I used essentially the same presentation, but both variants can be found below.

Click here for presentation given at BASW England Conference 16th May 2013

Click here for presentation given at Community Care Live 22nd May 2013

The slides provide only a summary of my argument but I hope that I will find time to write up the full paper sometime soon…

2 thoughts on “Untapped potential of mental health social work

  1. Neil Sanyal says:

    Hi Martin,
    I have followed the links in your blogs with interest but when I get through to Prezo I find all the text in the full transcript is just presented without grammar, paragraph breaks, etc as a massive block of words that would take half an hour to unravel which I don’t have normally. Am I doing something wrong when I follow the links? Is it the browser I use perhaps? I tend to look at your blogs on my work computer or work-provided laptop both of which have Internet Explorer.
    I liked the presentation on mental health social work and what it has to offer. Here in Hampshire County Council the mental health social care agenda is being worked on so that we MHSWs will actually feel like we work in HCC Adult Services to a social care agenda rather than bolted on loosely on the edge to a trust agenda. We are looking forward to what the project will deliver early next year.

    1. Hi Neil,

      Sorry about the Prezi problem. I think it must not work on certain computers because it is generally fine. It needs java or some other plugin to work properly, I think.

      Glad to hear that things are progressing well in Hampshire.

      All the best,

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