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ClearFear Game: Let The Fun Begin!

ClearFear is a real-life social game which brings people together to use their superpowers to complete missions and conquer fear

Be part of the secret smiling society and become a super-hero or secret agent. Your mission is to make people smile. Together we will dissolve the world of its fear. Let’s tackle missions with the support of a small team and create secret Headquarters along our way.

Missions? What’s that all about then?

Missions are fun tasks for players to complete within a certain amount of time which they would normally not do alone. Players set their own missions, or undertake missions which have been set for them. Some examples from playtests:

Friendfinder – get hugs from three different people at random in the street telling them that hugging reduces stress. Observe their reaction.

Funfinder – get two strangers to sing a Christmas song with you on a crowded shopping street; go into town and ask people about interesting places to go to and things to do.

Factfinder – go into town and ask three people for one interesting fact about the town. Spread the news on Twitter (#ClearFearGame)

Crowdfunding campaign

Help us to take the game to the next level. With the support of the RSA we have created a game scenario for recovery groups to play, but we are seeking £5,000 to:

  • create a version of the game for individuals to play
  • develop a fully-functioning website with clear instructions how to play the game and to share success in our completed missions across the globe
  • 50 pre-defined missions in a set of cards
  • a gamers tool kit for groups to play the game

If we exceed our target, there is so much more we can do.

  • if we reach £6,000 we will create a playful illustration of the game description
  • if we reach £8,000 we will create a new scenario for playing the game
  • if we reach £10,000 we will create a second set of 50 mission cards

What do players say about the game?

We have worked with people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse problems. Imagine what a fearless world would mean to them. Some of them have said:

“Well, why should I play it? Besides getting active, being outside of my comfort zone, enjoying good company, having done something I would not have done otherwise and having fun, what do I get out of it?”

“First it seemed impossible then it released so much fun. It was so good not to be serious.”

“Let’s meet up again and play it more often.”

Stuart Taylor, lead of West Kent Drug and Alcohol Recovery Project, RSA said: “It was very heartening to see the enthusiasm that was so palpable within the group. What had started as a rather pensive atmosphere was clearly dispelled and replaced by a bubbling and laughter-filled sense of fun and can-do amongst the group members.”

Who is creating the game?

The creative talents of Philippe Greier of playmakers industries and his international team of playmakers have helped to create the ClearFear game. Along the way, we have harnessed the expertise of people recovering from substance use problems at Kingston Recovery Initiative Social Enterprise and in the West Kent Recovery Service, and of researchers in the Connecting People study team. ClearFear has been developed and tested in the UK, Austria, Bolivia and Sweden. Please help us to bring the game to you!

Please visit our website and facebook page to find out more about us and the game.

I have blogged about the development of the game and if you are interested you can find out more here.

The development of the ClearFear game has been made possible with the support of the RSA Catalyst Fund.

How can I get involved?

We are using Kickstarter as a platform for this campaign. Please visit us there and pledge your support. We will receive nothing unless we reach our target of £5,000 so please tell your friends and family about us and don’t forget to use hashtag #ClearFearGame.

Thank you!

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