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Responses to ‘Why should researchers blog?’

There has been a very positive response to my recent post inviting comments on why researchers should blog. As you can see from the comments and the associated twitter stream, no-one suggests that we shouldn’t. Of course, this is a biased sample as these respondents are already engaging with social media. If I went out into the street and asked people these questions, I’m sure they would tell me to stop wasting my time and get back to work! However, it does raise some interesting questions about why more researchers don’t make the time to do it. I will be discussing these on Tuesday at the SPRU seminar, my preparations for which started off this trail of thought.

One response to my previous post was too long and media rich for my comment box so was emailed to me instead. I have reproduced the comment from Robert Nisbet, who blogs at donquixote.me, in full below.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to engage in this discussion. But there is still time to share your thoughts on the issue of researchers blogging – I will be reflecting on them in my seminar on Tuesday lunchtime. If you follow the twitter stream for #spru2013 you can engage with live discussion of these issues on Tuesday and beyond.



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