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The Conversation

Webber, M. (2013) Integrated health and social care could help victims of abuse, The Conversation, 16 May

The Guardian

Webber, M. (2012) Mental health strategy implementation framework is a missed opportunity, The Guardian, 31 July

Webber, M. (2012) How Bob Holman inspired my social work career, The Guardian, 27 March

Webber, M. (2012) Social workers need to define their practice, The Guardian, 30 January

Social Care Elf

Webber, M. (2015) ‘Could do better’: collective user involvement in substance misuse and mental health service, Social Care Elf, 4 August

Webber, M. (2015) Improving shared decision making in mental health, Social Care Elf, 14 May

Webber, M. (2015) QVC or CQC? How people make choices about social care, Social Care Elf, 3 March

Webber, M. (2015) Relationship training for children and family practitioners: does it work?, Social Care Elf, 8 January

Webber, M. (2014) Quality of life and mental health: what questions should we ask?, Social Care Elf, 27 November

Community Care Inform

Webber, M. (2014) Guide to personalisation in mental health, Community Care Inform Adults, 4 December

Community Care

Webber, M. (2015) Enforce the employer standards to reduce social worker stress, Community Care, 11 March

Webber, M. (2013) Meet social work’s top bloggers no. 10: Martin Webber, Community Care, 5 March

Webber, M. (2012) AMHP survey analysis: ‘A depressingly familiar picture of an undervalued workforce’, Community Care, 2 October 

Webber, M. (2012) How the latest Mental Health Act research should inform social work practice, Community Care, 30 August

Webber, M. (2012) Putting community social work into practice, Community Care, 6 March

Webber, M. (2012) Stress in mental health social work: research review, Community Care, 1 March

Webber, M. (2011) Social workers on trial, Community Care, 6 October, p. 6

Webber, M. (2011) Social work needs more research so that it’s not left out in the cold, Community Care, 30 September

Webber, M. (2003) High hurdles, Community Care, 17 April, p. 38-39

Health and Social Care Education

Webber, M, Lynch, S. & Oluku, J. (2012) Participation in postgraduate surveys: barriers and obstacles – the students’ perspective, Health and Social Care Education, 1(1), 20-21

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