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Biking for Bursaries

I’m getting back on my bike this summer to raise money for charity.

The first ride I’m doing is next Sunday (7th June). YuCycle is organised by the University of York, York Sport Village and the University of York Cycling Club. I’m riding the 100 km route.

YuCycle aims to raise £20,000 for bursaries for students from low-income families to study at the University of York. Since the introduction of tuition fees it has become increasingly important to ensure higher education remains accessible to everyone, so I think this is an important cause to support.

I’m aiming to raise just £150. However, if I can raise £100 by next Sunday, I will ride 100 miles on that day instead of 100 km. (I will ride an extra 40 miles in addition to the 100km (62 miles) course). So, to make me suffer just that little bit more, please contribute what you can on my JustGiving page.

There are many of us riding to raise money for bursaries, including my social work colleague Simon Cauvain. If you wish to also support him and our other colleagues, please visit the YuCycle JustGiving page.

Thank you!

Finishing the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive in May 2015

Finishing the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive in May 2015

One thought on “Biking for Bursaries

  1. We completed the ride (I did a total of 123 miles!) but are still collecting money. A little news story can be found on the University of York website: http://www.york.ac.uk/spsw/news-and-events/news/2015/yucycle/.

    Thank you to everyone who have donated so far!

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